Buzz Burrus

Occupation: Rapper

Stagename & Why: Buzz Burrus. Buzz because in 2009 not many people knew about him, but he’d be at every local event/concert and people would say he was “buzzing around” and Burrus is his last name.

Style of music/Genre: Free Music (taking a little bit of every genre & bring something new with rare emotion)

Background Info: Buzz has been interested in music since the age of 9 and takes joy out of making others happy which is the motivation behind making music.  As far as him getting into the “industry” it’ll just be another outlet to reach a broader and larger crowd of people to please with what other rappers have never done.


  • Pharrell
  • The Dream
  • Wiz Khalifa
  • Kid Cudi
  • Big Sean
  • Mr.Hudson

Favorite Song(s): “Jessie’s Girl” – Rick Springfield

Future Goals: Make people happy and getting paid for it would be a bonus.

Advice for Upcoming Artists: Just be true to who you are and be original.

Other Hobbies: Fashion


  • Q Frat House
  • Bob’s Classic Kick
  • Lofts On Broadway
  • Bert’s Warehouse



“You Can’t Be Serious”

1st track- S.H.E.

2nd Leak-Living Out My Dreams”

3rd leak- “All The Right Moves”

“Speed of Sound”

Fat Raps Remix ft. Chuck Good & Dev Holly

 Contact Information:

Buzz Burrus





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