Chuck Good

Occupation: Rapper

Stagename & Why: Chuck Good, coming from the movie, Good Luck Chuck. Inspired and twisted it and made Chuck Good which hit off with people so it remained.

Style of music/Genre: Free Music (taking a little bit of every genre & bring something new with rare emotion)

Background Info: Chucks’ music career actually came from wanting to broaden his audience since poetry doesn’t get as much attention as rap. Now he has a focus group to give feedback on all of his new music since what they think is more than likely what others will too. Based off their feedback, good or bad, will determine if the track has potential to be put out and well accepted.


  • The Doors
  • The Beatles
  • Jais Joplin
  • Jimi Hendrix

 For how they mastered putting raw emotion into beautiful artistry

  • Jay-z
  • Kanye
  • Big Sean
  • Mike Posner
  • Dom Kennedy

Favorite Song(s): “Kick It” –Chuck Good ft. Jae Alyse; “Locals Only”- Dom Kennedy; & ” Through The Wire”- Kanye West.

Future Goals: Just want to make music that can fit people’s emotions and he’s happy with wherever that takes him.

Advice for Upcoming Artists: Just stay true to who you are; never make music you don’t feel is you. NETWORK NETWORK NETWORK, can’t stress that enough.

Other Hobbies: Blog (check it out at, throw events, recreational photography, and hanging with friends.


Kick It ft. Jae Alyse –

Electric Relaxation (When I was a part of the Chasers)-

Black Mags Freestyle ft. Buzz Burrus & Q from TGL-

Contact Information:

Facebook –Good Luck Chuck

Twitter –foundmycup

Email – (Misc items) (blog questions/concerns) (everything music)



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